Eldarco Construction and Development Ltd – The Professional Answer to Customer Demands in the Dynamic and Competitive Construction Market

Eldarco Construction and Development Ltd is one of the leading companies in Israel for manpower and subcontracting supply to the construction trades.
The company began its activities in 1995 and grew to more than 600 employees, working on projects of some 200,000 square meters every year. Some of the projects executed are: housing complexes, office buildings (towers and parks), industrial areas, roads and tunnels.
With this fast experience and having completed various projects throughout the country Eldarco today is about to break into the international construction market.

We have become a major player, fast because of our satisfied clients.
We intend to continue to grow rapidly as a result of the unrivalled service we give to each of our clients.
We welcome the opportunity of showing you just how good we can be.

The company will relocate its workers to anywhere in the world where its activities are taking place, at competitive prices, while keeping to the timetables achieving results, and professional production based on many years of experience and skill in this arena.

Eldarco Construction and Development Ltd. is a private company owned by Mr. Doron Levy, who is its General Manager. Mr. Doron Levy has many years of experience with entrepreneurial and construction projects.

He is a graduate of Economic and Business Studies (1986) at the Baruch Bernard College of CUNY,New York. Since 1988 Mr. Levy has been active in the entrepreneurial area as his experience includes all stages of establishing the project from the locating of a site, putting out a tender, building and marketing.

An Inclusive Solution for Customers’ Needs
Having spent a number of years working in the construction trade, Doron Levy has decided to concentrate on supplying professional and skilled manpower to General contracting companies. A contractor who receives a project would turn to Eldarco in order to hire its services for construction of the superstructure from the foundation stage until completion of the superstructure.
Eldarco is also able to offer solutions for finishing processes such as welding, plastering and so on.
Expertise in the building industry, acquaintance with customers, entrepreneurs and workers, and the accumulated experience of the market, make it possible for Eldarco to offer a range of professional services to contractors at international standards. The company employs engineers, works managers, foremen, and other professionals – all of whom are experienced to the highest levels available.

Eldarco has skilled workers in all the construction professions: molders, ironworkers, topographers, surveyors, welders, plasterers, carpenters, builders, masons, crane operators and floor layers.
Eldarco handles visas, flights, accommodation, welfare, insurances, transportation, workwear and professional equipment, as well as salaries, so that infact, the customer does not have to be concerned with any of these matters.

Eldarco will put together for you the work groups, and will manage them to keep to their work schedules and within the project’s budget.

Another area in which Eldarco has expertise is in manpower for steel industry projects, chiefly for Off Shore Projects such as the Ashkelon Power Stations, In this field the company has top professional welders, metalworkers, pipefitters,and lathe turners.

Eldarco has infrastructure professionals such as asphalt teams for roads: engineers, formen, asphalt finisher operators, heavy machine operators, and jockies.
The company can also provide contractors with solutions for bridge building and tunneling.
First in Line for Quality and Competition
Eldarco Construction and Development Ltd. carries the ISO 9002 standard certification from the Solel Boneh Building and Infrastructure Ltd. and answers all the requirements for quality and implementation demanded by such companies as Ashtrom, Denia Sybus Engineering, Roichman Shomron Bros., all of whom have fine reputations.

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